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Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!! If you don't fix the histogel in formalin before
processing it WILL DISSOLVE! I learned this the hard way! The instructions
say something vague like "process as usual". Of course, I informed Richard
Allen that many of us in research do not have formalin on our tissue
processors. Richard Allen said they were going to change the instructions.
Once you have fixed the histogel you can process it like you would any other
piece of tissue.
University of South Florida

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Dear all,

I have a question concerning histogel!!
I'm working with fetal lung and I thought histogel would be a nice way
to handle then while embedding.
My question is do I have to fix the histogel before processing for
embedding in paraffine?
How is the normal procedure for tissues's in histogel??

Thank you for all your kind answers.


*- mkempen -*

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