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The question on the CAP Inspection List is as follows:

ANP.24250  Phase I   
Is there a documented procedure for the routine decontamination of the
cryostat at defined intervals, and are decontamination records evident?

We incorporated in our SOP for frozen sections/cryostat a statement at what
time (intervals) the cryostate would be routinely decontaminated. We have a
Log Sheet that gives the date frozen sections were cut, the date the
cryostate was decontaminated, and a column for comments such as any
preventative maintenance was performed (such as oiling, etc). Since we are a
very small hospital, we don't get many frozen sections. We average 2 per
month; therefore, we have decided that the cryostat would be cleaned and
decontaminated after the completion of each frozen section case. We have
rarely had more than one frozen section case in one day. The SOP gives
detail instructions on how to decontaminate the cryostat. This has more than
satisfied the CAP requirements. I attended a CAP Instructors Course in
February and addressed this question. I explained what we do and I was given
a complete " great job" from the instructor. He didn't indicate that I
should be doing anything different.


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Good morning from Pittsburgh !!

Has anyone heard that the CAP regulations for cryostat decontamination are
going to change ? What exactly are the current requirements from CAP for
Cryostat decontamination ? Does JCAH and OSHA require something different ?

Thanks for your input !!  You all are always a helpful and informative
group !

Have a nice day !

Best regards,


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