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From:"Flynn, Evelyn"

Dear Patsy,
       I did decalcification with EDTA (7.5%) on mouse tibias which had been previously
stained with beta-gal. Some were embedded in paraffin; sections were stained with eosin.
Others were embedded in JB-4. I encountered no problems.

Evelyn Flynn

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Subject: [Histonet] beta-gal on mouse tibia
Has anyone done this on bone?  Gayle was very kind to provide me with a
procedure for soft tissues but I am just wondering how decalcification would
effect beta-gal staining.  Perhaps the samples should be stained and then
processed into GMA resin without decal?  Would the GMA have an adverse
effect on the beta-gal whole mount staining?????
Thanks for your advise.

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