RE: [Histonet] baking bone slides for heat retrieval techniques?

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There have been many shared methods for adhering bone sections to slides and
I have probably used them all at one time or another.  In my experience it
is best to avoid HIER on bone for IHC although I am sure many people do it
successfully.  I use enzyme digestion instead of heat retriveal for bone IHC
(either Proteinase K or Pepsin in most cases).  In my hands EIER is more
easily controlled and less harsh on tissues than HIER.  If I had to use HIER
on bone I would choose a more gentle method such as steam rather than
My one cent worth.
Patsy Ruegg

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I have tried repeatedly to use boiling or heated antigen retrieval
techniques on my bone slides, but the bone always peels off.  (The marrow

I did hear somewhere that in this case one can heat the slides at around 55
degrees C overnight, which makes the bone adhere better to potentially
survive boiling antigen retrieval.  Has anyone tried this or know if this


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