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From:Gary Gill


There is no generally accepted QA, not QC, method for confirming stain
performance in cytology.  However, I will email you individually a 6-page MS
Word document, which I authored and was published in SCAN (semi-annual
publication of National Association of Cytologists in England) that
describes using buccal smears for this purpose and related applications.

I'd attach the file to this email, but I believe this Listserv rejects
attachments.  If anyone else would like a copy, email me individually and
I'll email you a copy in my reply.

Gary Gill

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From: Paula Lucas [] 
Sent: Tuesday, March 30, 2004 2:59 PM
Subject: [Histonet] Cytology Staining QC

Our lab is starting up the Cytology section of our laboratory and I have a
question about Quality Control.

In histology, we run a control (tissue section) on our H&E auto-stainer
before the first run of the day. How are the quality control standards for
cytology staining performed at your lab?

Thank you.

Paula Lucas
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