[Histonet] tissue processing

From:"Gudrun Lang"

We have a current problem with our routine tissue processing in the VIP. We loaded 200 capsules in the container. This time we had the half of the capsules filled with biopsy-sponges. Usually they are only about 30% of all. We do over night processing.
The tissue surface was something like creamy and in the trimmed block the tissue looked wet. I was not able to get a good section (only holes in paraffin). But not all blocks were like this, most of the small biopsies worked well.
My suggestion is, that the great amount of sponges is responsible for the underprocessing. I think the tissue was'nt dehydratet enough and water was taken over from one step to the next.

Did anybody have the same experience? Please give me some input on this problem.

thanks in advance
Gudrun Lang
Akh Linz, Austria 

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