[Histonet] alternative to using pap pen?


Just read the parafilm alternative.......interesting. I had a "fight" with one of the "leading lights" of immuno way back...she absolutely insisted upon the use of coverslips( parafilm equivilent?). I clearly demonstrated that without c'slips, one was able to obtain a consistent signal..ie using c'slips the signal was inconsistent. I have avoided such procedures since. Mind you, I do use c'slips for ISH with no, apparent, detrimental effect. Will check tho, very few things are sacrosanct in Histo  lol. Also, whether they use the same technique now, or not, UCL/Nequas control Centre in UK never used "pap pens". As they are the reference point for quality assessment and control in UK, I wonder what their opinion is now?
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