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THANK YOU, Victoria.  You made my day.

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Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 08:13:09 -0700 (PDT)
From: Victoria Baker 
Subject: Re: [Histonet] Can you lose your skill?
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Dear Douglas,

You are in the military, they send you where they need
to send you, when they need to send you. The words I
recollect were "I'm not to question why...".   The
shift in the case load number or complexity of the
work they do is not always relevant, it's just
procedure.   Look at this as an opportunity to further
yourself on YOUR OWN terms.  In someways they have
given you an opportunity that may never come your way
again.  No I haven't served in the armed forces, but I
have close friends who have and sometimes also felt
somewhat frustrated at the military system du jour. 
It has no reflection on your ability only the military
needs to have a competent warm body where they need
them.  Do not let this deter or discourage you in any

In the meantime, soak up all you can by reading or
seeing what is available from the military in terms of
courses.  Italy has some fine university settings that
you can also look into.  

The hands on experience, as far as I can tell they
will never be able to automate the very basic skill
each histologist holds so very valuable.  Our
professional integrity to do the very best we can
under any circumstances.  You could surprise yourself
at what you can remember about a stain even if you
hadn't done it for a year or for that matter 10 years
when you do need to do it.  It's a part of you,
histology, what you decide to make of it is entirely
up to you.  Just like life itself.

Vikki Baker
Institute for Cancer Prevention
Valhalla, New York

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