[Histonet] Toluidine Blue

From:"Lab BioVet AB"

We have used the same stain protocols for years for mast cells (metachromatic staining) and now we have some problems.

We have received a new batch of salt from Polysciences

(Have used the salt from Polyscinces Toluidine Blue O C.I 52040 purified for years)


Stain protocols we have done is 1% Toluidine blue solved in 20% ethanol 20 minutes.

Rinse in 95% ethanol 

Dehydrate quickly through 95% Abs. alcohols 

Clear in Xylene.



The metachromatic is not purple the are pale blue or even blue-green.



Hope for some input.



BioVet AB



Britt-Marie Smedberg



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