[Histonet] Decal question


I'm working on a trial with intra-tibial injections of tumors into mice. 
Whole (skin and muscle trimmed) legs were fixed for about a month in 10% 
NBF.  I used Surgipath's Decal I to decalcify (took about 6 hours - end 
point determined by cutting through femur with scalpel).  Paraffin 
sections cut nicely - I used a 48C waterbath to ensure no wrinkles, picked 
up on positively charged slides.  I let them air dry overnight, then 60C 
for an hour prior to H+E staining.  I'm not happy.  The tumors and 
cortical bone are lifting and falling off the slides.  Any suggestions? 
I've been reading old posts about EDTA decalcification - since hindsight 
is 20/20 - would that have been a better choice??  Boo hoo.

Jackie O'
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