specimens that are exempt from sending to surgical pathology

From:"Vickroy, Jim"

We are reviewing our policies regarding tissues from the OR that should be
sent to pathology and tissues that are exempt.
We have some orthopedic surgeons that feel strongly that a lot of their
specimens do not have to be sent to pathology.  Some cardiac surgeons do not
believe that plaque should be sent, and so forth.  I need some feedback on
this issue.  I know alot of the tissues that are currently not being sent
would only have a gross exam however isn't it important to document the
removal of the tissue by giving it a gross description.

The Illinois Administrative Code gives a list of exempt tissues and the main
question comes from the following statement:

This is in the list of tissue that does not have to be submitted to

Bone, cartilage, normal skin and scar tissue that are coincidentally removed
during the course of cosmetic or corrective surgery.

This has generated discussion on what does conincidentally removed means.  I
would appreciate your thoughts on this.

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