San Francisco?!?! RE: Histo. Pay Range

From:"Morken, Tim"

Well, taking SF as an pay example is not very helpful: SF is the most
expensive city in the US. And regarding the weather, Mark Twain wrote " The
coldest winter I ever experienced was summer in San Francisco."

Tim Morken

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See:, University of California
at San Francisco, as of October 2002, pays histotechnologist supervisor:

			Min		Mid		Max
Annually		50,000	66,200	82,500

Monthly		4,167		5,517		6,875

Hourly		23.95		31.71		39.51

Aren't you happy to learn this information?  And it's warm in San Francisco
year 'round.

You can find additional information via google.  Search on histotechnologist

Gary Gill

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