Re: sucrose/cryo "little beasties"

From:Phillip Huff

If you are worried about bacterial growth in your sucrose solutions, 
simply autoclave the sucrose solutions that you are using to store your 
tissues, prior to adding your tissues. It will save you the worry about 
having bacterial growth, in the long term, if you don't use your sucrose 
solutions often, and its good lab practice any time sucrose is used in a 
solution (unless autoclaving destroys another component of your solution).


Geoff McAuliffe wrote:

> A few days in the refrigerator is fine. The only thing to worry about 
> is little beasties growing in the sucrose. More than a week and I 
> would change the sucrose.
> Geoff
> marjorie lehman wrote:
>> Hi Netters,
>> I've searched archives but couldn't anything on how long it is OK to 
>> leave
>> tissue in sucrose. So the question is, could I store tissue in 
>> sucrose for 2
>> days? Refrigerate? or would I wreck the tissue?
>> I'm going to get a lot of tissue very late Friday afternoon and if I 
>> have to
>> snap freeze it I will be here until Saturday! I'm not usually this 
>> lazy, but
>> it's been a week of Mondays, and I am realy, really tired!
>> Marge

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