Re: endogenous staining in rats


Also -
Block with H202 prior to  the secondary rather than before the primary antibody.  Makes a big difference.

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Get a fresh bottle of H2O2. Hydrogen peroxide turns into H2O over time.
I get a fresh bottle of 30 H2O2 every year, no exceptions.


Featherstone, Annette wrote:

>Help. I am having trouble with endogenous peroxidase staining in my rat
>tissues. Even though I am blocking with H2O2 in methanol, it still appears
>as though I am getting blood cell staining. Any suggestions?
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>Subject: confocal and paraffin sections
>There is a confocal listserver that is superb!
>CONFOCAL@LISTSERV.BUFFALO.EDU - they can also help you with special CLSM
>There is review article on autofluorescence, but have it at home for some
>light reading, so will resend on title.
>Access this article, Control of Autofluorescence of Archival
>Formaldehyde-fixed, Paraffin-embedded Tissue in Confocal Laser Scanning
>Microscopy (CLSM)
>Werner Baschonga,b, Rosmarie Suetterlina, and R. Hubert Laengc
>Depending on Confocal laser scanning microscope, one can actually separate
>GFP fluorescence from autofluorescence with the Zeiss CLSM 510 META using
>the Lambda mode if you have that setup. This may also be the case with
>certain other fluorochromes using this tidy little detection system. The
>Lambda detector aka mode, using ROI can be used to get rid of
>autofluorescence.  I saw this in use, it was wonderful.
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