Re: PAP green stain

From:Carlos Defeo

Dear Gary:
I have a lot of bibliography about this theme. Certainly Georges Papanicolau
didn#180#t give specific details of EA stain composition, but the solutions
named as EA 25,36,50,65 have similar while not identical composition between
different manufacturers. The point you mark as "precipitation" of
phosphotungstic acid is not the real thing that occurs; the simple but not
less important fact is the irrational composition of the mixture, as it
includes a basic dye,Bismark Brown with two acid dyes (light or fast green
and eosin Y, it can be regarded as a missformulated trichrome stain) fact
that is recognized many years ago by many dye and stains manufacturers who
eliminated the bismark Brown in EA formulations (and at the same time the
drops of lithium carbonate sat.sol.).Solutions made this way give better
results and are stable -without precipitation- for at least 2 years.
Carlos Defeo.-

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