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From:Becky and Travis Barnhart

I live in rural south central PA.  I started out making something like
$14.50 an hour at the bottom of the scale.  This is more then what a MLT
starts at in our area.  I started with the hospital in Phlebotomy (I started
in phlebotomy making $8.50) and have been crossed trained all over the
place.  I went back to school for Histology and got a certificate.  I do
more then Histology work, I set up and maintain our computer system, policy
and procedures and pretty much anything else the pathologist and manager ask
me to do.  I love my job and I think I get paid well, I am now up to $16.38
an hour because we get a yearly raise and a every year a cost of living
raise, both usually about 3%.  The hospital I work at is about a 69 bed
hospital and pays better then most other hospital the area (even a trauma in
center about 20 miles to our south) and it is a wonderful place to work.
Hope this helps.

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> Glen,
> I know Texas isn't in your region, but if it helps, Great.
> Histology Trainee:   Min:  $9.57     Mid:  $12.00    Max:  $14.43
> Histology Tech II:   Min:  $13.71    Mid:  $17.90    Max:  $22.09
> Histology Lead:      Min:  $15.36    Mid:  $20.77    Max:  $26.18
> Donna Willis
> Histology Lab Manager
> Harris Methodist Fort Worth, Tx
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> All,
> I need HELP!!!!  Our union contract is coming up soon and I am requesting
> that they address the pay range for our histology dept.  I believe that
> is well below the going rate but my union rep. says I need some
> documentation on other pay scales from other Histo labs.  Since
> location/region is taken into consideration, I am especially interested in
> ranges from WI, IA, MI, MN, IL areas but would welcome any ranges that
> be offered from anywhere (Even you Aussie's should chime in if you would).
> If you are uncomfortable posting your pay scale for all to see, email me
> directly and I will be sworn to secrecy.  Our current ranges follow:
> Histology Technician:  Min: $11.61   Mid:  $15.70   Max: $19.79
> Histology Technician:   Min: $12.76   Mid:  $17.28   Max:  $21.79
> I thought it only fair to show you the numbers I am looking at.  These
> be modified in the upcoming contract negotiations and I want to present a
> realistic picture of what it takes to retain and recruit histo people
> days.
> I hope that with your help and with the new ASCP wage/vacancy survey I can
> help all of our histotechs get better compensation.
> Thank-you in Advance,
> Glen Dawson  BS, HT & QIHC (ASCP)
> Lead IHC Technologist
> Milwaukee, WI
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