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yes, but is this forum freely available to non-americans? $40 represents a 
lot of money for some if you take the various exchange rates into 

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From: Cathy Mayton 
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Subject: Hard Tissue Committee
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 07:15:52 -0700

Dear Sargent Bernard,

There is such a committee dedicated to hard tissue.  I founded the committee 
in 1989 and the committee is "dedicted to helping those around the world".  
Are you a member of the National Society for Histotechnology ?  If so, then 
you can also become a member of the Hard Tissue Committee (HTC)  which a 
sub-committee of the Veterinary Industrial Research (VIR) committee.  Not a 
member? Then go to and join.  The membership dues are only 
$40/year.  You will receive the Journal of Histotechnology and NSH in Action 
plus many other benefits.  Vicky Kalscheur is the current HTC Chair.  So 
once you join NSH, contact Vicky and she can put you on the mailing list of 
the HTC.  Vicky wrote about the HTC in the last issue of NSH in Action.

So there you go...........take the ball and run with it.  The wheel does not 
have to be reinvented.  As I mentioned to you in prior emails, there was a 
plethora of papers written in the Journal of Histotechnology during the 
1990's.  Plenty of reading to get you easily up to speed.

Best regards,
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