Re: Disinfecting The Cryostat?


At 2:30 PM -0400 4/21/03, Jones, Laura wrote:
  Can you please tell us, does cleaning with 100% ethanol really 
qualify as "disinfecting"?  If you have different procedures or 
suggestions, we'd appreciate those as well.

As I recall, 70% ethanol is more effective as a disinfectant than 
100% for physicochemical reasons I don't recall.

ETOH is not very effective for killing TB or prion disease organisms. 
Bleach will.

The British have a lot more experience with prion disease (Mad Cow, 
Scrapi, CJD etc). What do you Brits use for disinfecting.

What is the problem with bleach and the microtome parts?

Bill Blank (Celtic studies and numismatics)

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