Re: Coverslipping

From:Lesley Weston

Re: Coverslipping I would think it's a matter of personal preference whether people do or do not wear gloves to coverslip. There is a certain obligation on the part of experienced people to warn inexperienced people of potential dangers, but that's it. However, I always used to insist that people did their coverslipping in a fume hood, because I was right there in the same room with them. What they did to their own bodies was their business, but it became mine if I was involuntarily sharing their risk.

Lesley Weston.

on 17/04/2003 1:17 AM, Amy at wrote:

To each his/her own.  If I feel the need to play in traffic, then I will suffer the consequences--IF there are any.  I'm always careful and look both ways.


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