Re: Cell Membrane staining

From:Geoff McAuliffe

    Well, the cell membrane and the nuclear membrane (nuclear envelope) are quite similar in basic composition. However, there are proteins and carbohydrates in the cell membrane that are not found in the nuclear membrane. Since the cell membrane is too small to be resloved by the light microscope you will need a label (fluorescent or otherwise) to attach to the molecule that will bind to whatever you are using to mark the cell membrane. An (labeled) antibody to a cell membrane protein would work, or a (labeled) lectin that reacts with a carbohydrate in the cell membrane.
    I would call or e-mail the usual vendors to see what they have to offer or get a copy of Molecular Biology of the Cell  (4th edition) by Alberts et al. and read up on membranes.


Jenny Molde wrote:
I was wondering if anyone can help me find a stain that stains only the cell membrane and not the nucleus. Many  thanks in advance.

Jenny Molde

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