RE: spongy bone marrow trephine.

From:Patsy Ruegg

spongy bone marrow trephine.
Please clarify spongy appearance.  Are you sure these samples are just not fatty?  In older people and some other processes marrow is replaced with fat which could appear spongy????
Patsy Ruegg
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Subject: spongy bone marrow trephine.

Dear all,

We, the team of medical technologists & haematopathologist , are worried about the bone marrow trephine biopsies those get spongy appearance on slides.There is one thing of  prime importance that only one or two biopsies appear so out of a badge of ten or twelve biopsies.

What in your opinion could be the cause of this appearance ?

Thanks in advance,

Muhammad Tahseen
Histology Supervisor

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