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From:"Cheasty, Sandra"

Regardless of how toxin resistant you both are, (had a liver panel done recently?) I don't think it is wise to promote the notion that effective barriers to known toxic substances are unnecessary.  Reminds me of elderly smokers who insist that cigarettes are harmless, just because they haven't been diagnosed with emphysema or lung ca. 
It is something you have to get used to, it is something new; but as a formerly glove-less coverslipper, it is now second nature.  I also embed with gloves on because of the xylene carryover in the paraffin, and that too has become easy.
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I second that motion fellow HistoRanger!!!
9 years for me though.  I ain't that old::))
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You really should try not to become so emotionally involved.  I have coverslipped bare handed for 23 years and still have all my fingers, don't see spots before my eyes, liver and kidneys work fine and I'm still relatively sane.
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It breaks my heart to read that there are techs out there NOT using gloves to coverslip!!  I have NEVER touched mountant or xylene with my bare hands and neither should anyone out there!  Buy nitrile gloves that fit you and arent too big and you should have NO problems!
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Hi all,
Just one quick question.. Do any of you use gloves to cover slip by hand?
Thanks for you input
Tere Hodges

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