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Several years ago (six I think), I had terrible pain in my right elbow and
wrist. It got to the point that I had constant pain and could not pick up
anything with any weight to it with my right arm. I was evaluated by our
occupational health nurse and orthopedics. Not only did I have carpel tunnel
syndrome in my wrist, I had epicondylitis in my elbow (commonly know as
"tennis elbow"). I was put in a wrist brace and a wide strap placed just
below my right elbow to relieve the tension on the tendons. I was not
allowed to cut with my manual microtome for 6 weeks. In the process, our
occupational health nurse had access to funds to get equipment for employees
with repetitive motion injuries. I got a Leica RM 2155 automatic microtome
and I love it! I saved me from having to change my profession. I recently
replaced our other manual microtome with another Leica RM 2155. The knife
holder is excellent. I use disposable blades and you can use low or high
profile blades. It has many features to include adjustable cutting speed,
auto retract, and a lot of other things that I won't go into a lot of detail
about. You should visit Leica's web site. I can only sing this microtomes
praises. It has been a work horse for us and has allowed me to stay in my
beloved histology profession. I hope this helps.

Happy Cutting,

Diane C. Gladney, HT (ASCP)
Histology Supervisor
Moncrief Army Community Hospital
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4500 Stuart Ave.
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I use the Microm HM355 automated microtome.  It works very well except for
shotty knife holders.  It not only cuts down on RSI/carpel tunnel problems,
it keeps track of number of revolutions, # of microns cut into, it has
variable speeds, adjustable rough face, etc....  As a whole, it is excellent
but I stick to the statement that the designer of it's knife holder should
be summarily executed.
Glen Dawson

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could you give me some comments on automated microtomes (for paraffin wax
sectioning), preferences, pros/cons etc.I would be particularly interested
in any comments from individuals suffering/suffered from RSI/carpel tunnel.
Can you still cut sections using these microtomes with no further problems?
Many thanks,

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