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From:marjorie lehman

Oh, good thought Geoff. If you find out Teri would you share with us please.

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Hi Teri:

    I'll bet that if you called Vector Labs and asked them how to make 
Nova Red in smaller quantities they would help you out.


Johnson, Teri wrote:

>I just sent in an order for AEC+ and found the cost has more than doubled
(nearly tripled) since I bought it last. I'm looking for alternatives that are
somewhat less costly without sacrificing quality (very important).  What are
you all using out there for AEC?  I prefer DAB, but the researcher I'm staining
for likes the red product.  I have Vector Nova Red, but since one has to make
up 5 ml at a time and I don't use that much, I hate to waste the leftovers.
>Thanks for your help!
>Teri Johnson
>Managing Director Histology Facility
>Stowers Institute for Medical Research
>1000 E. 50th St.
>Kansas City, Missouri  64110

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