RE: San Francisco?!?! RE: Histo. Pay Range

From:Jo Dee Fish

Just had to respond!
I LOVE working in SF.  Great place to work, just can't live here. 
It's not that expensive if you don't mind a very looooonnnngggg 
commute, 4-4.5 hours round trip!!!  You just learn to do the mundane 
things on the train... balance checkbook, study for the HT exam, 
knit, read, sleep, etc, etc, etc...
I live this way, and really don't mind, and the pay is GOOD!  I have 
learned to really live it up on weekends!
Jo Dee
PS. The weather averages about 60F degrees, not so awful, if you 
think about it... No snow, no sand storms!
Take care,
Jo Dee
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