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We do sarg, its call the hard tissue committee of nsh and they've recently published a lab manual. See Gayle Callis or the nsh website/education
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That's right folk.  I don't know about you, but with no standard and absolute authority in the world of Plastic(MMA), Ground Histology, Implanted tissue or bone tissue, why not we work together to compile contact info and or share processing & staining methods, so we can improve the world of plastic and rid ourselves from obvious blinded problematic errors. 
We can start by identifying the so call experts in the field by responding to this e-mail.
Our signature blocks would suffice to include years in Plastic Histology, specialty e.g. Ground vs. Microm, MMA vs. Kits vs GMA, bone vs implants etc, tel number, e-mail address.
I will be willing to do a spread sheet and send it to everyone in this arena or who responds.  We can keep this as a reference and seek among ourselves expert advice and hopefully provide key information.
I'll start by saying:
I am
Ian R. Bernard SSgt, USAF, AAS, HT(ASCP)
NCOIC Pathobiology Laboratory(I manage, and do bench work as well)
59th Clinical Research Sqd
Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Tx 78236
I've been in Routine Histology for 9 years
I've been doing Plastics for 2.5 years
We specialize in Ground Histology using the EXAKT system.
We use MMA methods.  Tissue for Plastic are typically bone, implanted tissue e.g. jaws, eyes, arteries, stints and other titanium metals
We have the ability to cut Plastics on a Microtome with the Microm w Tungsten Carbide knife.
We are second in DOD(all military) with EXAKT capability
Our facility id the largest Air Force Research Facility.
Contributed on two articles for Journals in Research so far.
I'm always in need of help with specials & Routine Histochemical staining methods and processing methods as well (techniques, conditions etc.)
That's me.  Any takers.

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