RE: MMA embedding issues

From:"Driessen, L."

Dear fellow MMA-users.

For those who are interested here's my recipe for MMA that works well with me.

- 300 ml methylmethacrylate (Merck).
- 60 ml dibutylphtalate (Merck), adding more will result in a less harder block.
- 15 gram ?,? azobutyronitril (Merck), adding lesser will lead to a 'softer'block. 

	First dissolve the azobutyronitril in the MMA,  then add the dibutylphtalate. You'll get a clear almost colourless mixture. Polymerize at 30 degrees celsius in a 	tightly capped vial. To improve and speed up the polymerisation remove the oxygen above the mixture by blowing N2 or CO2 inside the vial before closing it (oxygen 	inhibits the polymerisationprocess). To prevent airbubbles place the vial in excess water for cooling (if necesary place a weight on yop of the vial to prevent it from 	floating. 

	Leon Driessen
	Orthopaedic Research Lab
	UMCN St. Radboud hospital, Nijmegen
	The Netherlands

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