RE: In vivo proliferation in vascular sections using Amersham BrdU ki t

From:Elizabeth Chlipala


Did you inject the animals with BrdU about 1 to 2 hours prior to tissue
collection?  I'm not familiar with the amersham kit, but I have used the
amersham anti-BrdU mouse monoclonal antibody. I use this antibody on rat
tissue.  If I'm doing BrdU on mouse I prefer the rat monoclonal BrdU
from Accurate.  I have procedures for both of these antibodies if you
would like them.  

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Subject: In vivo proliferation in vascular sections using Amersham BrdU
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I have tried to use the Amersham BrdU kit to look at proliferation in
mouse aortic sections and have not seen any staining with DAB. 5uM
sections were used as a positive control. No staining was seen there
I confirmed that the Peroxidase linked secondary anti-mouse Ig 2a

Does anyone have any suggestions? Is a PCNA stain an easier way to look
proliferating cells in frozen sections? If so, what kit/technique would

Thank you,

Zory Shaposhnik
Division of Cardiology

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