RE: Histo Pay Range

From:Susan Owens

Donna, thanks for your informative posting....But I have a question or two
or three.....
You listed Histology Trainee, Histology Tech II and Histology Lead....

Is there no Histology Tech I and if not, why?...
If you keep a trainee as a full time employee, after they have completed
their training, do they jump to Tech II?

Also is there a difference between registered and unregistered and how does
years of experience come into the picture?

Thanks again for your posting, not many are willing or able to post pay
ranges and I'm sure your open and honest post will help many, techs and



Date: 22 Apr 2003 10:00:45 -0600
From: "Willis, Donna" 
Subject: RE: Histo. Pay Range

I know Texas isn't in your region, but if it helps, Great.
Histology Trainee:   Min:  $9.57     Mid:  $12.00    Max:  $14.43
Histology Tech II:   Min:  $13.71    Mid:  $17.90    Max:  $22.09
Histology Lead:      Min:  $15.36    Mid:  $20.77    Max:  $26.18

Donna Willis
Histology Lab Manager
Harris Methodist Fort Worth, Tx

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