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I'm not up with the current train of thought on this, however the method developed by Takeuchi (J Histochem Cytochem 1958;6:208) is said to distinguish between phosphorylase (EC and alpha-D glucan branching enzyme (EC The differentiation takes place by post-incubation treatment with alpha-amylase and beta-amylase (branching enzyme being completekly digested with alpha-amylase and not with beta). Also branching enzyme is inhibited by ethanol (20%) and HgCl. I tried it out many moons ago with some success, but there was never any demand for it so it got dropped.
The most recent version of Pearse's "Histochemistry Vol 3" will probably have more info, but I don't have that to hand.
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Does anyone out there in histo land know of a procedure for staining "brancher" and "debrancher" enzymes....or are these strictly metabolic tests that have to be performed on ground up flash frozen tissue?

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