RE: Double stained fluorescent micrography

From:Tamara Howard

Marjorie et al. -

I've seen several responses to this in the digest from yesterday and would
like to add one caveat to the posts suggesting a multi-bandpass filter for
an epifluorescence 'scope: if you are going to document the samples you
will have to shoot either color film or have a color digital camera; a
regular B&W CCD is not going to give you your data with a multi-pass
filter. Most research 'scopes have B&W CCDs and collect from multiple,
single-pass filters. Images can be pseudocolored and merged later.

This may sound extremely obvious but I've heard of several groups that got
all gung-ho to go digital but were so caught up in buying a spiffy camera
and software that they sort of forgot what filters they had, then had to
replace their filters  when they belatedly discovered that their fancy new
camera couldn't "see" in color!


 Tamara Howard
 Department of Cell Biology and Physiology
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