RE: Disposable microtome blades for GMA sectioning

From:Patsy Ruegg

I have never been successful using disposable blades for GMA and I have
tried many.  I don't think the holding systems are strong enough for GMA.

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Subject: Disposable microtome blades for GMA sectioning

Have a lady who needs to do GMA embedded embryos, but her microtome is
probably going to be the older model Leitz 1512.  I know the microtome was
a workhorse for some labs when sectioning GMA embedded tissues. The only
setup I observed with 1512 was using triangular glass knives.  However, I
am not sure she has a triangular knife holder for glass knives.  Tungsten
carbide d profile or even c profile is an option.

If you did this, were you successful when using disposable microtome
blades, low or high profile?

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