RE: Disinfecting The Cryostat?

From:Fred Underwood

Hi all.  I am thumbing through an issue of Advance and see an ad for a self-decontaminating cryostat from a company called Vibratome.
1-800-729-4421     The model is the UltraPro 7500.

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Subject: Disinfecting The Cryostat?

	Apologies if this has been addressed before, but our internet has been taken 
away, so we no longer have access to archives.  

	We are preparing for our upcoming CAP inspection.  Regarding the question 
about disinfection of the cryostat: Leica has told our lab manager that 
cleaning with 100% ethanol is adequate.  They also said that bleach should 
not be used and that their product "Cryofect" cannot be sold in the US.  Can 
you please tell us, does cleaning with 100% ethanol really qualify as 
"disinfecting"?  If you have different procedures or suggestions, we'd 
appreciate those as well.  Thanks in advance! 

	Laura, Donna & Tina 
Sharon Regional Health System 
Sharon, PA 

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