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From:Walzer Susan

  We coverslip out of isopropyl alcohol using Clearium Mounting Media. 

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Subject: Coverslipping without gloves

Dear All,
I have read all the mail on this subject with disbelief. I cannot believe
that in this age of health and safety there are senior Histologists who are
condoning coverslipping without gloves and even sounding proud of the fact
that they are being so irresponsible.
They are setting a very bad example for junior staff. To say that they have
carried out this practice for many years without being ill is no excuse.They
are as bad as heavy smokers who are proud of the fact that they have not yet
succumbed to cancer.  My lab became a Xylene free environment some years ago
and believe me our health is much better for it. You may think you are not
suffering any ill effects from Xylene, but you probably are! Even with a
safer Xylene substitute we always coverslip with nitrile gloves and it is no
more difficult than without gloves.(I have done both as I have over 20 years
Susan Hacker
IAH, Compton,

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