RE: Coverslipping and gloves

From:Philip Oshel

Um. Maybe we're just weird here in flyover country, but I learned to 
use, and have always used, forceps. And applicator sticks.
Frankly, I'm clumsy enough that I don't see how anyone can coverslip 
using their fingers, gloved or not.


>If it is true that nitrile gloves let through xylene after a few 
>minutes, the whole argument is in tatters. It has amused me 
>somewhat. Of course, both sides are right - it's all a matter of 
>relativity - sorta safe and kinda risky:-)
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>It's suddenly got a bit heated, anyway without taking sides. I recollect
>being told at a safety seminar, sorry no references etc, that although
>nitrile gloves do not dissolve in xylene they are NOT resistant. The
>presenter said nitrile allowed xylene to penetrate after a very few
>minutes, forget the exact figure but it's no more than one or two. The only
>safe way IMHO is to use an automated coverslipper.
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