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Xylene contact is of concern when cover slipping without gloves.  It is easier to cover slip without gloves.  Most Histotechs do it without gloves.  The choice is yours.  It depends on how often you are cover slipping or being exposed to the mounting media thinner (Xylene).  If you use a Xylene substitute instead it should not be of a health problem .  I do it without gloves.  Wash your hands after, other than that it is up to you.  Usually after cover slipping for a while the clearing agent will break down the gloves, even Nitrile gloves after a while.
Ian R. Bernard
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Hi all,
Just one quick question.. Do any of you use gloves to cover slip by
Thanks for you input
Tere Hodges
Where I currently work, we use an automatic coverslipper.  But when I was in school, I was taught to coverslip with nitrile gloves.  After I got some experience with coverslipping by hand, I found that it was easier for me to do it without gloves.

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