From:Cathy Mayton

Dear Anthony,
I suspect that the problem may be the benzoyl peroxide (BPO) which is at 25% wetted.  Actually you do not even need all those other chemicals that you are using.  We use Aldrich MMA with no problems but we are also adding 3 grams of 70% wetted BPO (Aldrich) to every 100 ml of our embedding mixture.  You could try making the embedding solution real simple with 90ml MMA/10ml GMA and the BPO.  If you embed using layers for the larger containers the bubbling should be reduced to zero.  I believe there is not enough BPO to complete the polymerization chain.  The reaction goes from the liquid stage to  a honey consistancy, then  rubbery and finally to a hard block.
Hope this helps,
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