Luna's stain for elastin


Does anyone have a protocol for Luna's stain for elastin?  I'm having 
trouble finding a protocol or even a paper which has the details.  I 
believe it is a modification of Luna's technique by Kligman.  If anyone has 
a copy of Kligman's paper "Luna Technique.  A beautiful stain for  elastin" 
Am J Dermatopathol 1981 Summer; 3(2): 199-201, I would be very grateful if 
you could pass it on.

Thank you in anticipation - I know Histonet won't let me down!  After hours 
of trawling the internet and histology books, there is only one sure fire 
way of getting the answer.

Kind regards,

Nicola Cragg
Epistem Ltd.
Manchester, UK

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