HTML encoded email messages

From:Herb Hagler

This is one of your frustrated administrators.  PLEASE those of you 
that are still sending html encoded emails.  Please consult with a 
local computer person so that you can change the settings on your email 
client to send text only emails to histonet.

The problem we all saw two weeks ago resulted from a new campus smtp 
server that we will be forced to go to in the near future that removes 
all html codes that are in emails as viruses or just bounces the 
messages back to your sending system with the resulting mail loop 

It is possible to use imbedded html commands as part of email and gain 
access to windows computers.  Malicious code can now be imbedded in the 
jpeg images that are included with these html messages. Our campus is 
taking steps to either remove or bounce any emails arriving at our 
campus with any embedded html code.

It is possible on all email packages to choose between text only and 
html coding for the emails.  HTML coding of emails is unnecessary for 
the purpose of most communications and is only used effectively by 
advertisers and hackers.

When the firewall rules change here our only alternative to keeping 
histonet running smoothly will be to try and identify those users who 
continue to send html encoded email messages and remove them from the 
list server. I will probably have to write a specific rule blocking 
each of these individuals because of the time consuming nature of 
manually editing the list.  I will try to write a general rule that 
detects and bounces the messages but when the firewall goes into place 
there will not be anything that I can do from my side to solve the 
resultant problems.

Thanks for your help, understanding, support and good humor.....

Herb Hagler, Ph.D.
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Associate Course Director for Pathology
Apple Distinguished Educator Class of 2000
UT Southwestern Medical Center
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