Dent-X Auto & TP-120 Film

From:Teresa Flores

We have borrowed a Dent-X developer and have been trying to go online to
KODAK to see if previous users have imputed times for developing
Pan-120 Kodak film using a Dent-X automatic developer (Used in Dentist
office to developer x-rays).
There are three choices to choose from in the  Dent-X auto-developer.
4 & 1/2; 6 and Endo.
Any help would be appreciated, even from KODAK to let us know where we
could look up the correct time to use for the Technical Pan - 120 film
(used to take TEM photos in a Zeiss 109).
Any imput is greatly appreciated and will save rolls of film.
Teresa Flores
EM Lab
Path Dept
New Orleans,LA

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