Cryostat section preservation

From:Tenitia Hobson

This is my first time to post, so forgive me in
Would anyone like to give me advice on cryostat
preservation? We are cutting 20-30um sections of mouse
brains which have either been perfused and postfixed
or just perfused. They have been cryoprotected in 20%
sucrose for some days, then frozen quickly in -80C
2-methylbutane while in a cryomold with OCT. 
My question is: What is the best way to handle these
sections once they have been cut? We have been told to
let them dry for about a day then box them up with
some dessicant, put into a ziplock and then into -20
or -80 C freezer. This procedure has been suggested
for immunohistochemical staining.
For histochemical staining it has been suggested that
we simply store the sections in the refrigerator.
Is this correct? Do we need to keep slides in the
freezer with dessicant? Any help would be greatly
Kenny Batts
Research Tech
UT Health Science Center
Memphis, TN

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