AEC versus NovaRed

From:Gayle Callis


First, and sorry for the correction, but Vector NovaRed is not AEC, it is a
proprietary mixture for use with HRP methods and gives a brick red color
rather than the clear red-orange of AEC. 

As for price increase on AEC+, we changed over to in house preparation of
AEC using Dr. Chris van der Loos's protocol but not because of the price.
It is as sensitive or more so than AEC+.  I realize one is dealing with
mixing hazardous chemicals, but our results warrant using it with care
taken while making it up.  I have found AEC+ to go bad i.e. contamination
without extreme care in handling, but I loved it for ready to use
convenience and sensitivity.  Contamination is probably due to not using it
up quickly as compared to rapid use in bigger laboratory.  I must admit
AEC+ is great for those who can afford or like results from using it.  

We now develop AEC in a coplin jar with the positive control being observed
with microscope.  Coplin jar lets any ppt fall to bottom of jar. I am sure
either Chris or myself (with his permission) will attach you the protocol. 

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