(hot antibody and retrieval solutions with paraffin emu

From:Margaret Horne

Has anyone tried a hot antibody technique and how well did it work?
I came across a method using an antibody incubation at 60C on 
gluteraldehyde -f ixed , epoxy-embedded sectons , as well as  
formalin fixed parafin -embedded tissue. 

 Also , there is a reference in another paper for using retrieval 
solutions that have paraffin emulsifiers in them. So it is a one step 
deparaffin and hot antigen retieval.  Supposed to save money as 
well as time. Time - I can see, money- I am checking out. I am 
wondering how well they work. Has anyone out there used them?

                              Thanks , Margaret
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Margaret Horne 
Dept. of A&P,
Atlantic Veterinary College, U.P.E.I.
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