cyostat-fly wheel direction

From:Carol Bobrowitz

This inquiry pertains to all makes, models and ages of cryostats

Cryostats are precision equipment and also expensive.

I was always taught that the fly wheel, right hand side, of any cryostat is
to be turned in a clockwise direction. 

The microtome has the micron settings and when you turn the fly wheel in a
clockwise direction, the microtome calibrates the setting and advances the
set microns resulting in your 3 or 5 etc micron thick sections.

If you turn the fly wheel counter clockwise you are wearing down the micron

After continuous counter clock wise turning will result in thick sections.

Cryostats could be advance or retracted when the fly wheel is in the 45 min.

Bottom line if you turn the fly wheel counter clockwise you are stripping
the micron settings and eventually effecting the performance of the
I am having this discussion and being told all cryostats can be used counter
example:  the IEC or Reichert-Jung.

Have I been incorrect? 
Have I taught others the incorrect way of using such costly and precision

Please, as may responses as possible.

Thank you,
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