another query

From:Millicent Pope

Thanks to you listers who replied to yesterday's query about the dog
teeth.  I think I've settled on cutting the teeth with a diamond saw
after a short fixation, then going from there.

Now I have another question.  I have several mouse fetuses to process,
and I could use some advice on processing times.  These little guys are
between 2.25 and 2.5 cm long, and have diameters between .75 and 1 cm. 
Our standard reagents on the processor are (in this order) 70% EtOH, 2
stations of 80% EtOH, two stations of 95% EtOH, two stations of absolute
alcohol, and three stations of xylene substitute.  Can anyone suggest
some reagent times?  I don't have much experience with fetal tissue, and
I am afraid of overprocessing.


Milli Pope
Texas A&M University
VAPH Histology

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