Tissue processing for GP Brains


Would someone please share their tissue processing program for processing guinea pig brains. I have already purchased the Animal Processing Manual and there isn't any programs on  processing brain tissue.
I am having trouble with the outer  edge of the tissue being dry.
I have a Shandon Hypercenter XP processor and we use Microclear.
Sometimes the are brains are post fixed in Potassium Dichromate for about 2.5hrs then rinsed well in running water after being in 10% NBF. Sometimes we can't postfix our tissue and brain was only in 10% NBF. Sometimes are brains are profused and sometimes not. This always depend on the study that is ordered.
If you would just like for me to call you I can't do this to.
Thank you for any help you can give me.
Sandi Miller HT (ASCP),RALAT
United States Army Medical Research Institute of Chemical Defense

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