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We use tissue prep for processing and tissue prep II for embedding.  The last time the tissue prep was on back order, we were told by the company that you could use the tissue prep II on the processors.  When we did this we started noticing that our GI biopsies were very brittle and hard to section.  We finally figured it out that it was the tissue prep II on the processors when we were able to switch back to regular tissue prep the problem went away.  We are now looking into Richard Allan's paraffins, we're loosing hope with tissue prep!! My 2 cents worth.
Deb Croegaert
Metro Lab
Davenport, Iowa
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From: Melissa Jans
Sent: Friday, April 11, 2003 11:49 AM
Subject: tissueprep paraffin

Good afternoon,
We routinely use TissuePrep paraffin (from Fisher) in our lab.  We use it for both processing and embedding.  Unfortunately I just found out this paraffin will be on backorder until 4/21/03 and we do not have enough to last until this time.  The manufacturer recommends using TissuePrep 2 as a replacement.  Can anyone who has experience with these paraffins tell me what the difference is between the two?  Is there any other paraffin you would recommend as a replacement (one that is similar to TissuePrep)?
Thanks in advance!
Melissa Jans

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