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<< We placed the slides in sodium ethoxide for 1/2 hour >>

I agree with Cathy, sodium ethoxide usually works well for epoxy removal.  

We used to make our own by *slowly* adding sodium hydroxide pellets (one at a 
time; wait until pellet is dissolved before adding another) to 100% ethanol.  
A good, muddy brown color usually indicates the ethoxide is ready to use.  
You won't need much, only a few microliters to cover the section on the 
slide.  Also, monitor carefully.  The dissolution of the epoxy occurs fairly 

CAUTION!  Consult the literature for additional details before you make your 
own sodium ethoxide...this is an exothermic reaction and should only be 
performed in a fume hood!  And the sodium ethoxide is nasty stuff indeed.  
Treat it with respect.

Good Luck!

Bob Chiovetti
GTI Microsystems

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