Re: "Who is the first"

From:carl hobbs

Richard, from IHC World......thanks. A precise response rather than "it can
make a difference" but no evidence. I , perhaps like most
Histologists/Histotechs?MLSOs/LSOs?MLSs/LSs/BMSs/Technicians....(wow, calm
down Carl) am always testing variables and am quite paranoid that MY method
is not THE optimal IHC method......    lol, so am always on the look-out for
modifications or alternative practices( within the Law, of course). Can
anyone actually give me some observations that it is crucial to endog block
at a specific point, for any specific Ag demo?
Mind you, if someone asked me the same Q, I would say, in reply....."well, I
don't know absolutely, you should test the conditions for your particular
Carl Hobbs
Mol Neuro

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