Re: You're a good-hearted guy --

From:Philip Oshel

Skewered. What I get for not looking at return addresses.
"Havelock Ellis" building indeed.
But it seemed reasonable, given some of the samples and projects that 
some through our lab.

>-- who forgot to look at the date the "query" was posted.
>It had me going for a moment too.
>>Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2003 08:21:38 -0600
>>From: Philip Oshel 
>>Subject: Re: Curly hair problem
>>X-MailScanner: Found to be clean
>>This isn't what you want, but it sounds like your investigator is
>>using the wrong microscopy. This question would be much better
>>approached using scanning electron microscopy. The sampling method
>>needs work, yes -- how about plucking hairs? Or using small iris (or
>>the like) scissors and cutting them right at the base.
>>>Dear Histonest,
>>>I subsribed to Histonet a while back and this is my Maiden Question
>>>- from a maiden having trouble with lice. In my lab cutting sections
>>>is a new job. I borrowed a microtome from a lab on the floor below,
>>>and they showed me how to make ribbons.
>>>The trichologist (my boss) wants longways sections of single curly
>>>hairs to look at eggs and larvas of lice. She says our routine
>>>methods of shafting and scraping damage the looks of baby insects.
>>>She wants see them there on the hair eating and growing.
>>>I can stretch the hairs straight for the fixing alcoholing xyling
>>>and waxing and cut sections with a straight inch. They float on warm
>>>water but then they curl up when the slides dry. Are there clever
>>>tricks to make curly hair sections submit and lie flat when they are
>>>Will another subcriber post a helpful histonet letter to tell me
>>>what to do and help everyone else in the world at the samme time?
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